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A Queer History's Last Call




Mansfield, a feature-length film now in development, is based on the true story of one young journalist's struggle to expose entrenched corruption and abuses of power in one all-American city: Mansfield, Ohio.

In the late 1970s, Martin Yant risked all to expose a sheriff's murderous reign of terror. It was only the beginning; the trail of corruption led Yant deeper into the sordid world of its politicians and 'movers and shakers.'

The story reaches back to the 1950s when the unlikely partnership of a young female photographer and an eccentric accountant gave birth to the Highway Safety Foundation and a series of shocking drivers' education films that made Mansfield famous. A decade before its spectacular demise, the foundation made history with the secret filming of homosexual activity in an underground restroom. The film was used to put dozens of men in prison on sodomy charges.

Far from a simple story of bringing crooked cops to justice, Mansfield is a rich, complex tale that weaves together stories of terror, passion, betrayal and ultimately, murder.


Jane Cantillon directs this loving portrait of the last days of a piano bar popular with gay residents in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Life wasn't easy for gay men in the bar's heyday. For many, the 'Other Side' offered shelter from the storm, a place where they could enjoy a few hours of entertainment and camaraderie; a place where they could be themselves.

The men are born story-tellers; their stories are funny, touching and true.
The Other Side may be history now, but it is a history that should not be forgotten.

Executive Producer: Eliot Seal