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An independent production company under the direction of producer L. Eliot Seal, Stereotype Media LLC was created to find and tell the hidden stories of the ongoing struggle for human rights and dignity.

In release now, "The Other Side, A Queer History," profiles the bittersweet last days of a piano bar popular with gay residents in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

In development now, Mansfield, a feature film, tells the true story of a courageous young editor's battle with entrenched corruption in a typical 'all-American' midwestern city. Stereotype Media has optioned the memoirs and life story of journalist Martin D. Yant. Now an author and private investigator, Yant is also an expert witness and commentator in cases of wrongful conviction.

In 1962, Mansfield police were the first to use a hidden camera to record the meetings of gay men in an underground restroom. Although such secret surveillance has since been declared illegal, the technique has resulted in the convictions of scores of gay men.

The city was also the home of the notorious Highway Safety Foundation, the production company behind the shocking drivers education films of the 1950s and '60s.

Mansfield speaks to us today with an uncompromising message of the power of the people to effect change.